This Friday the ghouls and monsters will be out early for the Haunted Ship Tours on the William A. Irvin. Your chance to be scared out of your socks and have some fun. This year the Duluth Paranormal Society has been invited back to investigate the ship and will be setting up a camera, and putting up recordings live so you can investigate the ship with them.

So many people have said they want to get on the ship and see if anything is there, but some of those people have also said, if I get scared, I want to run. Here's your chance to be on the ship and click off if you don't want to be there anymore. This is a rare opportunity to see an area of the ship and see if there is anything there, and interact with the group to tell them you see something.

There will be a live link set up on this site so you can participate and see what the DPS group sees. There will be multiple posts of some of the footage with the members as they "hunt" the site.

This year each member will have a camera, a recorder, and anything else they want to bring. Returning the beginning of the group when they didn't have a lot of equipment. Many photos will be taken and posted for you to go through and tell them live, if you see anything.

Look for the post on this web site on Friday.