Ghost Hunting Gear To Guarantee a Haunting Good Time
National Ghost Hunting Day is next Saturday but we're already knee-deep in ghost hunting season. Whether you're just curious about ghost hunting or looking to up your well-seasoned paranormal investigations these key pieces of equipment are dying to make their way into your arsenal.
Talk Paranormal And Ghosts With Other Paranormal Enthusiasts
There are more and more people getting interested in the paranormal and ghosts. Who do you go to talk about the subject? April 29th, there will finally be a forum for people to ask questions and find information. The Iron Mug Coffee House in Gary will host the Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota…
Do You Have A Ghost Story? Do You Believe?
Everyone knows I love the paranormal and I love ghost stories. Not just scary ones, I love all kinds of stories. I have many myself and so I thought I would find out if Shari had any she wanted to share and I shared one of mine.
There's A Ghost In My Basement
Study this video and see if you can figure out what happened on this Paranormal Night Vision stand alone camera.  The homeowner said the trouble was in the basement and he could hear footsteps coming up the stairs, the local paranormal group suggested a camera at the top of the stairs.