Paranormal Researcher Chad Lewis Investigates Wendigo Creatures
Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer on topics of the paranormal, strange, and unusual. The reason people listen to his stories? They are good, and they are local. He researches and learns about stories in our back yard. He has stories from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Michi…
Ghost Hunting Gear for a Haunting Good Time
National Ghost Hunting Day is next Saturday but we're already knee-deep in ghost hunting season. Whether you're just curious about ghost hunting or looking to up your well-seasoned paranormal investigations these key pieces of equipment are dying to make their way into your arsenal.
Talk Paranormal And Ghosts With Other Paranormal Enthusiasts
There are more and more people getting interested in the paranormal and ghosts. Who do you go to talk about the subject? April 29th, there will finally be a forum for people to ask questions and find information. The Iron Mug Coffee House in Gary will host the Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota…

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