Heatherlynn Caston in Lafayette, Louisiana believes she has a ghost in her house and has filmed her proof, but I'm not sure I think it is.

Keep in mind, these are snap videos so they stop and start that is not editing. Having said that, the stop and start is the perfect reason this could be faked. If you watch the door there are times the door moves and you can see into the bathroom, but there are angles that you don't see and that is why I'm not convinced.

The story was first reported by Hot 107.9 in Acadiana, Louisiana. They said she told them that the door is on a natural lean and closes at halfway, but if you open it all the way the ghost, Frank as she calls him, will get more dramatic.

She says he plays tricks with this door. My question is, why not any other door, why not any other thing? If this is a ghost, I would think there would be more action with other things.

What do you think?

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