You've Died, What Kind Of Ghost Would You Be?
You hear it time and again on these paranormal shows, the life you lead determines how you portray yourself when you die and haunt a house. What kind of ghost would you want to be, or better yet, is it too late to be the scariest ghost you can be?
Would You Go Through A Haunted House Naked
There is a show on the Discovery Channel called naked and afraid. One man and one woman are dropped off in the middle of somewhere and have to survive 20 days in the wild naked with a stranger. Both have survival skills, but the hard part is actually using them and working with someone you don'…
Nopeming Will Not Offer Tours This Year
Duluth Paranormal Society will be touring the William A Irvin and investigating again. After leading tours at Nopeming last year, the group warns people there will not be tours offered this year, and a reminder, please don't trespass and try and investigate the property. Go through the right ch…

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