MTV presented a show called FEAR. There were no camera people just the contestants who did dares to win money.

FEAR aired from 2000 to 2002 on MTV. There were usually 5 or 6 kids who chose colors and the computer would take the color and assign a dare. The kid would go on the dare and do something to conjure the spirits and then return to the room or cabin, depending on where they were. Then they slept there. The kids would spend two nights at this place. The ones who lasted collected $5000. Most didn't.

The program started with the contestants escorted to a location blindfolded and bags over their heads. They would receive instructions from a computer and have to complete the "dares". Each person at some point reads the dare over a radio, helps with the dare, or has to complete the dare.

The spooky thing to me is MTV usually follows up on all of its shows, not only to make more money but sometimes to show their originality. This is one show they have not come back to.

The Show broke the mold in many ways. It featured only the cameras of the contestants, body cameras were featured, as well as mounted cameras in the location. VH1 copied the show for Celebrity Paranormal Project. Other shows have used some of the formats or built on the format to make their show. More shows began to investigate than a dare.

This was the first show that allowed people to actually have a conversation about whether ghosts existed or are there really haunted places. This is the show that got it going for me. I was hooked from day one and wanted to do this. Here's an episode:


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