I've seen The Dead Files before. It's a show that's currently on the Travel Channel that investigates paranormal occurrences. The premise of the show is that someone is in need of an investigation after strange things have happened. A retired New York Homicide detective conducts a thorough investigation. He finds out what he can about the past, explanations for what is going on, and tries to solve what is happening. Separately, a psychic medium investigates the location and "sees dead people" which offer her clues to what is going on.

An episode titled "The Visitors" just aired last week and featured a family struggling with strange things happening in their home in Coleraine MN. Among the things they witnessed were shadowy figures, creeping feelings, things randomly flying across the room, and strange scratches appearing on their bodies.

If you want to watch the episode you can use your TV subscription to watch it on Demand on The Dead Files website. If you're like me and your subscription service doesn't include the Travel Channel, you can also purchase it for $1.99 on Google Play.

But, since I took the time to watch it and pay for it, I'll tell you what they found. It's still worth watching, as it's pretty interesting.

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They did find the source for some of the knocking noises and banging noises. It was some squirrels in the walls and roof. No big deal. However, that was about it for anything normal. This episode got pretty far out there, but who is to say it isn't possible?

You know it's crazy when the ghost stuff is the most normal part about this family. They found that it was an old business man that had lost everything was likely the spirit hanging around the home. That's the guy in the basement creeping out the mom. But, where it gets weirder is when the psychic tells the family that the shadowy figures appearing throughout the house is actually aliens who have been abducting them. That's where the scratches are coming from, and according to this psychic, the aliens can disguise themselves as shadows and they wouldn't remember it.

Great, now I'm never going to look at a shadow the same way.

The best advice they give the family is to join an alien abduction support group and hire a medium to take care of the ghosts. So if you think you're having a bad day, at least you aren't being randomly abducted. I believe the family has some paranormal things going on, but I'm not sure how you can prove the alien abduction thing. That seems a little out of this world. (See what I did there?)

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