You think you see a spirit, something moved out of the corner of your eye. You swear you saw that pen on the end table move. What's that sound?

Could be, you have been drinking too much caffeine. You say, but I only drink an energy drink or two, or tea, or just a few cups of coffee over the day. That will do it.

Live Science is reporting that it could be 3-7 cups of coffee, 2 or 3 energy drinks, caffeine pills, any kind of caffeine that you consume too much of. People think if they consume it over the course of the day and spread it out that their body will consume it. According to a study done at Durhan University in the UK, it is the amount you consume consistently. They also report that too much caffeine will make you see things, hallucinate ghosts, or other things.

I had a friend die from overconsumption of caffeine, I had to be revived from a first responder after my body seized up from too much caffeine while I was long-distance driving.

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Live Science says in their 10 things you need to know about coffee, that Coffee can kill you. That it makes women want sex more. (I know right now men are saying they are going to make their wives drink more coffee or consume more caffeine, don't!) Consuming too much caffeine also keeps you up all night, so you may want to sleep after a wild night, she will not and you will pay for it. Also, the article goes on to say that you shouldn't be fooled by de-caffeinated coffee or tea, there is still a little.

So, if you are experiencing ghosts or spirits in your house. Cut down on your coffee, if they are still there, send me an email.

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