As you know I am a huge paranormal fan. So, I have decided to rate paranormal TV shows. There have been a few new ones this year, and there have been some new seasons of some good ones. Here's my top 5 of 2013.

5. Long Island Medium-This is a show that follows Theresa Caputo a medium. It's one of the few paranormal shows on tv that isn't dramatic, or dark. It's all about happy stories. Sometimes it is presented in a Jersey Shore style. Keep it about the medium and her readings, stop trying to add her family into the show.

4. My Ghost Story-This is a show that follows famous people and their Ghost Stories. They interview the artists, whether it be singers, musicians, or whatever. They tell their story and the story is re-inacted. I just find it interesting listening to folks like Sammy Hagar, Dan Akroyd, and other singers and actors.

3. Paranormal Witness-This show has improved. It features regular people's stories and the dramatizes them. They are real stories and feature all the people involved and has them speak about their part of the story. The thing I like about this show over last year is they have had better stories and the special effects got better.

2. Ghost Hunters-This is a show that features men and women investigation haunted locations. I liked it when it first came on the air. Then it became boring, not because they didn't find anything, but because they had the same methods and same layout. They lost one of the founding members, and added some more and the more that they added have also added to the show. I like that they are very skeptical and try to disprove things, but I also like that they use all methods available, makes it exciting.

1. Ghost Mine-This is a show about miners digging in a mine that has scared the previous two mining groups out. There are the miners and there are a couple of people who are paranormal investigators. There were two seasons in this one year and it was exciting. I like the fact that there are skeptics in the miners, I like that they investigated the history of the mine and town. I like the history lessons they would offer during the show in order to further the story. I like that there were so many things that happened. This show has many stories to follow so you aren't stuck with one storyline.