According to betters in Las Vegas, the Minnesota Vikings are most favored for an upset. The second team to pull off an upset, the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks have been there before. The KOOL Schwamee wants to see a new team make the Super Bowl. All the teams in the NFC have been there before. The Vikings are the only team not to have won a Super Bowl. On the AFC side the Texans haven't been there, but the Titans have and never won.

This weekend anyone can beat anyone so it should make for good game weekend, exciting games and teams that really have to have a hero emerge.

Seattle, Green Bay, and Minnesota have aging line ups so they don't have much of a window and are built to win now.

Here are the Schwamee Picks:

Minnesota vs San Francisco

Tennessee vs Baltimore

Houston vs Kansas City

Seattle vs Green Bay

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