This is exciting, Green Bay is playing on all pistons, and Chicago is hot with the new/old Quarterback. Chicago wins, they are in, GB wins, they are #1 seed.

KC has the AFC wrapped up, they look like the team to beat. There are a lot of teams playing for a spot in the AFC. 4 teams, Cleveland, Indy, Baltimore, and Miami, but only 3 spots. If all win, I believe Indy will not make it. NFC, just the Cardinals and Bears. Bears win, they are in, Cards lose, Bears in.

The Browns have it tough with Pittsburgh. They have to win. Cowboys can make it in with a  Washington loss and they beat the Giants. Dolphins could be out, they play Buffalo, who is already in. The Cards have it tough because they play the Rams. Rams are in, but they could spoil the Cards. The bears need that loss by AZ because I don't think they will beat the Packers. Colts should have it easy.

My prediction, AZ loses, Bears in, Miami loses, they are out. Packers win, they become the #1 seed and everyone has to figure out how to play in long underwear.

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Here are this week's games with the picks and records down below.

  • Atlanta Falcons vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Baltimore Ravens vs  Cincinnati Bengals
  • Dallas Cowboys vs  New York Giants
  • Miami Dolphins vs  Buffalo Bills
  • Minnesota Vikings vs  Detroit Lions
  • New York Jets vs  New England Patriots
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs  Cleveland Browns
  • Arizona Cardinals vs  Los Angeles Rams
  • Green Bay Packers vs  Chicago Bears
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs  Indianapolis Colts
  • Las Vegas Raiders vs  Denver Broncos
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs  Kansas City Chiefs
  • New Orleans Saints vs  Carolina Panthers
  • Seattle Seahawks vs  San Francisco 49ers
  • Tennessee Titans vs  Houston Texans
  • Washington Football Team vs  Philadelphia Eagles

Brian is going to be the winner for the season, he has too much of a lead. The KOOL Schwamee had a great week and put himself in a position to maybe catch and beat Dave from the Northland's Sports Page. There's still some drama left.

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Here are the picks for this week:

(145-94-1) Schwamee Picks-NY Giants, Cleveland, AZ, GB, Detroit, TB, Baltimore, Buffalo, NY Jets, Indianapolis, LV, KC, NO, Seattle, TN, Washington

(160-79-1) Brian Picks: Buffalo, Baltimore, Cleveland, MN, Dallas, TB, MO, NE, GB, Indianapolis, TN, LA Chargers, LV, Seattle, AZ, Washington

(148-91-1) Dave Picks: Detroit, Buffalo, Baltimore, Cleveland, NE, NY Giants, TB, NO, Chicago, Indianapolis, TN, KC, AZ, Seattle, Washington

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