Minnesota has a manageable schedule ahead and could come out of this season looking good, will they make the playoffs? That remains to be seen.

In the Thursday game, the Colts could pull off an upset in Music City. The Browns are actually a playoff looking team and should be able to handle the Texans. Who knew it would be a Minnesota guy that could turn them around. Green Bay should have an easy game this week.

Tom Brady has to come back from his dismal performance last week against the Saints and hand Teddy Bridgewater a loss, the secret weapon should be Christian McCaffrey. If he has a good game it will make the Bucs work for it.

The Bills and the Cardinals should be a good game. Buffalo's defense needs to keep Kyler Murray in check or it will get out of hand quick. Buffalo is looking like they are a team to be reckoned with. There are a lot of AFC teams that are good this year, looking ahead does that mean the Super Bowl is going to be another AFC win?

Pittsburgh should stay unbeaten, but there is a chance Big Ben won't play, shouldn't factor into that game. Another good game to look forward to is the Monday night game. Seattle needs the win and they face a worthy opponent in the Rams.

Should be another exciting week.

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Here are this week's games with the picks and records down below.

  • Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans
  • Houston Texans vs Cleveland Browns
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Green Bay Packers
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs  New York Giants
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs  Carolina Panthers
  • Washington Football Team vs  Detroit Lions
  • Buffalo Bills vs  Arizona Cardinals
  • Denver Broncos vs  Las Vegas Raiders
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs  Miami Dolphins
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs  Pittsburgh Steelers
  • San Francisco 49ers vs  New Orleans Saints
  • Seattle Seahawks vs  Los Angeles Rams
  • Baltimore Ravens vs  New England Patriots
  • Minnesota Vikings vs  Chicago Bears

Bye: Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, N.Y. Jets

The NSP guys have a huge lead and with the Schwamee having a tough week and taken a bigger lead.

Here are the picks for this week:

(76-56-1) Schwamee Picks: Tennessee, Cleveland, GB, Philly, TB, Washington, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Miami, Pitt, NO, Seattle, Baltimore, MN

(87-45-1) Brian Picks: Tennessee, TB, Cleveland, Detroit, GB, Philly, Miami, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Ptt, Seattle, NO, Baltimore, MN

(84-48-1) Dave Picks: MN, Pitt, Seattle, NO, Baltimore, Philly, Miami, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Tennessee, TB, Cleveland, Washington, GB

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