This week is a showcase of great quarterbacks and a showcase of backups. Tom Brady plays Drew Brees on Monday Night.

Green Bay has a chance to get even with the 49ers, San Francisco is not the team they were a year ago. They are riddled with injuries. Baltimore plays Indianapolis, this is a chance for Phillip Rivers to show he is a force, or Baltimore to show they belong in the playoffs and the Colts can wait.

Chicago has a chance to show they belong at the top of the NFC North. Tennessee has a good record and Chicago has been an "almost there" team. Atlanta and Minnesota are the most dangerous of the losing teams. I think the Vikings look like they can beat anyone, so does Atlanta, but it depends on who shows up the high school version of the team, or the professional team. Minnesota has to keep Delvin Cook healthy, we have seen that without him, they are nothing.

There are two important and must-see games. Seattle vs Buffalo could be a preview of the Super Bowl. How good are the Bills, and is Russell Wilson good enough to win this one? Also, the Saints vs The Bucs. Tom Brady vs Drew Brees, both in the same division so this is important to both.

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The NSP guys still have the lead this week, some of he pics differ but not enough for the KOOL Schwamee to catch up.

Here are this week's games with the picks and records down below.

  • Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers
  • Baltimore Ravens vs  Indianapolis Colts
  • Carolina Panthers vs  Kansas City Chiefs
  • Chicago Bears  vs  Tennessee Titans
  • Denver Broncos vs   Atlanta Falcons
  • Detroit Lions  vs  Minnesota Vikings
  • Houston Texans  vs  Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New York Giants  vs  Washington Football Team
  • Seattle Seahawks  vs  Buffalo Bills
  • Las Vegas Raiders  vs  Los Angeles Chargers
  • Miami Dolphins  vs  Arizona Cardinals
  • Pittsburgh Steelers  vs  Dallas Cowboys
  • New Orleans Saints  vs  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • New England Patriots  vs  New York Jets

Bye: Cincinnati, Cleveland, L.A. Rams, Philadelphia

(71-47-1) Schwamee Picks: SF, Chicago, Minnesota, Seattle, TB, Indianapolis, KC, Denver, Jacksonville, Washington, Las Vegas, AZ, Pittsburgh, New England

(78-40-1) Brian Picks: GB, Minnesota, Atlanta, Seattle, Baltimore, Houston, KC, Tennessee, Washington, LA Chargers, AZ Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, New England

(74-44-1) Dave Picks: GB, Minnesota, Atlanta, Buffalo, Baltimore, Jacksonville, KC, Tennessee, Las Vegas, AZ, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, New England, Washington

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