This week the KOOL football Schwamee says the Vikings will continue in their winning ways against the San Diego Chargers. He also says Green Bay will win very easily at home on Monday Nigh. One of the surprises this week is with Indianapolis, Schwammy has them losing their third game in a row, which would leave them dead for the playoffs according to history.

Over 80% of the teams that start winless in their first 3 games, usually do not make the playoffs. Cleveland will win according to the Schwamm too, which is another surprise.

Here are the picks for this week: (picks are bold, winners are red)

Redskins vs NY Giants

Falcons vs Cowboys

Colts vs Titans

Raiders vs Browns

Bengals vs Ravens

Jaguars vs Patriots

Saints vs Panthers

Eagles vs Jets

Buccaneers vs Texans

Chargers vs Vikings

Steelers vs Rams

49ers vs Cardinals

Bills vs Dolphins

Bears vs Seahawks

Broncos vs Lions

Chiefs vs Green Bay

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