The KOOL Schwamee makes his NFL prediction debut and goes out on a limb on a couple games.

After predictions for the end of the season, the KOOL Schwamee said the Vikings will have to shake the rust off but will pick up where they left off. Green Bay will be shaky but will win.

The KOOL Schwamee finished last season's pre-season going 81% and finished the season going 85%. He almost predicted the Super Bown spot on. He was able to pick most of the playoffs correctly. This year he says the Vikings look strong and there could be 3 teams from the NFC North. Minnesota, Green Bay, and Detroit. Chicago still needs to make a few moves and picks in order to be the team they want to be, but they definitely have their quarterback.

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
Bengals 30, Bears 27
Browns 20, Giants 10
Buccaneers 26, Dolphins 24
Panthers 28, Bills 23
Saints 24, Jaguars 20
Steelers 31, Eagles 14
Ravens 33, Rams 7
Patriots 26, Redskins 17
Packers 31, Titans 17
Texans 17, Chiefs 10
Colts 19, Seahawks 17
49ers 24, Cowboys 21

Friday, Aug. 10, 2018

Jets 17, Falcons 0
Raiders 16, Lions 10

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018

Vikings 42, Broncos 28
Chargers 17, Cardinals 24

Updated Record 12-4

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