The KOOL Schwamee had two weeks of 3-1 for the playoffs, can he totally predict who will be the final two.


Both of the games are on Sunday, the NFC game is first and features a couple of well-rounded teams with great offenses and very good defenses as well. The New Orleans Saints were pretty much the number one NFC team all season long. They have put together two good seasons in a row. The LA Rams are in a new place, have a hot quarterback and a young coach. For the first time ever, the featured quarterbacks are old and young, with the biggest age separation in the AFC game.

In the AFC it's the Patriots who feature the oldest quarterback and the KC Chiefs with the youngest quarterback. Patrick Mahomes who set some big-time records this year against the quarterback that some consider to be the greatest ever, Tom Brady.

Both should be good games.

Here are his Playoff picks

LA Rams vs New Orleans

NE Patriots vs KC Chiefs.

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