The Chicago Bears might not be moving on when they meet Nick Foles.

The KOOL Schwamee had his worst season ever. This year he predicted the games with a 66 percent accuracy. He is normally within 75 percent. When I talked to him about his predictions he felt he went with the Vikings too much, and it seemed like any team could beat any team at any time this year. There were also surprises. Chicago had a better season because of Kalil Mack. Had they not taken that trade the season might not have turned out the way it did. Kansas City was a big surprise and yet it wasn't. They traded their quarterback to Washington and went with the new kid. Well, Patrik Mahomes didn't disappoint at all. He set some records this year.

The Eagles came on late, with the help of Nick Foles, just like last year. The Saints were expected to be there along with the Rams, but there again, they were beaten by teams that shouldn't have won too.

This was the surprise season, and when you see the records that were set this year you see why it was a tough year to predict.

Here's his Playoff picks

Colts @ Texas
Seahawks @ Cowboys

Chargers @ Baltimore
Eagles @ Bears

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