The Pro-Bowl showcases the best of the NFL minus the Super Bowl players.

The series has taken on many looks. a few years ago the game would feature all-star coaches picking players that had been chosen by the fans. Before 1970 it was bragging rights to two different leagues.

In the traditional AFC vs NFC line up, the AFC only holds a one-game lead. the series is 23-22 in favor of the AFC. I remember the NFC winning a lot but I guess my memory is not as good as I thought it was.

In most years the defense didn't try very hard and the offensive stars would take center stage. The year that center Jeff Saturday retired, they let him switch teams so he could snap the ball to his longtime teammate Peyton Manning.

Sometimes you see trick plays by defensive players, sometimes you see plays that would never work during the regular season work in the Pro Bowl.

Here is his pick:


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