The New England Patriots are a 2.5-point favorite over the LA Rams according to CBS Sports, but are they favored by the KOOL Schwamee?

Also the over-under for total points set at 56.5. Both teams are number 2 seeds and beat their opponents in the last game on the road. Both teams feature a good running game and a superior quarterback. The Patriots have been here before though, and the Rams have not.

According to, EA Sports's Madden video game is predicting a Los Angeles Rams 27–24 win over the New England Patriots with Aaron Donald sacking Brady four times to win the Super Bowl MVP. The game has been right only 5 of 9 times.

Tony Romo, one of the people calling the game for CBS says the score will be 28-24, but he won't say who wins yet.

Our guy will, here is his pick.

The KOOL Schwamee says the New England Patriots will win 21-14 with a close game the entire time.

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