The KOOL Schwamme predicts NFL games every week, and has an 84% success rate for picking the winners. So I asked him to weigh in on the Minnesota Vikings Season.

How many games will the Minnesota Vikings win this year. Here is how the KOOL Schwamme thought the season would look.

Week 1 San Francisco Win

Week 2 Detroit Win

Week 3 San Diego Win

Week 4 Denver Lose

Week 5 Bye

Week 6 Kansas City Win

Week 7 Detroit Lose

Week 8 Chicago Win

Week 9 St. Louis Win

Week 10 Oakland Win

Week 11 Green Bay Lose

Week 12 Atlanta Win

Week 13 Seattle Lose

Week 14 Arizona Win

Week 15 Chicago Win

Week 16 NY Giants Lose

Week 17 Green Bay Win


Final Season 11-5 Division Champs By One Game

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