The KOOL football Schwamee is thinking he should start picking the Green Bay Packers, they look surprisingly good, The Vikings are still looking rough.

The Vikings are still sorting through the Quarterbacks with a new one and signing guys that weren't with the team last year. The Packers have a lot of guys coming back from injuries and they are still looking but many of the guys are very knowledgeable of the system.

Here's this weeks schedule:

Thursday, Aug 23
Eagles at Browns

Friday, Aug. 24
Broncos at Redskins
Giants at Jets
Patriots at Panthers
Lions at Buccaneers
Seahawks at Vikings
Packers at Raiders

Saturday, Aug. 25
Chiefs at Bears
Texans at Rams
Titans at Steelers
49ers at Colts
Falcons at Jaguars
Ravens at Dolphins
Saints at Chargers

Sunday, Aug. 26
Bengals at Bills
Cardinals at Cowboys

This week 9-7 total 28-20

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