Chicago is on top, GB and MN are second and last week the Lions beat somebody good. Who wins the division, don't know.

The KOOL Schwamee says some of the other divisions are separating so much that it's starting to look like some of the good teams have to start trying to be the wild card. Kansas City looks so good that they might not lose, and so does the LA Rams.

Is that who will meet in the Super Bowl? Too early to say. Are they going to make the playoffs? Yes, they are.

Everyone is the NFC East looks the same as the North. It could be anyone. The Giants are on the bottom but not out yet. The Eagles hope to put them down farther and maybe out. They need Dallas to lose. The MN Vikings need GB and Chicago to lose.

Here's the games:

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants
Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals
Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins
Los Angeles Chargers @ Cleveland Browns
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons
Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans
Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders
Chicago Bears @ Miami Dolphins
Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Rams @ Denver Broncos
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Dallas Cowboys
Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots
San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers

Last Week 8-7  Total 45-34   .570

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