After a full year of guessing the NFL, it's time to take a shot at the XFL.

It's a whole different ball of wax, so to speak. This is a different league with no history among teams and players. So, there is no way to look back and see how this QB plays against whatever team. You can see how the KOOL Schwamee is at a disadvantage.

We will keep track of his record and see how he does at the whole season and let him predict who will win the championship. There are a lot fewer teams so a lot fewer games. Can this XFL work, we will see?

Week 3 is critical for the success of the league, and as I have said before, they can't appear to challenge but to work alongside with the NFL. In its first week, the upstart, eight-team league delivered an impressive television debut on ABC that attracted 3.3 million viewers, but the viewers have declined. This is the week they have to pick back up and not decline too much.

Here are the Schwamee's picks:

Houston vs Tampa Bay

Dallas vs Seattle

New York vs St Louis

DC vs Los Angeles.

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