Duluth Paranormal Society has been in the news lately, finally getting into Nopeming and investigating the William A. Irvin again. Right now you can meet up with DPS at the Irvin, showing of evidence of Nopeming and the Stanley Hotel.

The building looks haunted. Did they find anything, yes, and they are showing it every Friday and Saturday at the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship Tours. There is audio and video which will be released soon. I wanted to show the building and how people are ruining it.

One thing I have to say, after being lucky enough to get the right clearances to get in to Nopeming, I was shocked by how many people want to break in and vandalize, and how many people already have. I want to talk to those people that want to get into Nopeming, you don't get in by breaking in, you also don't destroy windows and vandalize property. Please go through the proper channels if you want to be in this building. This is a private residence with people living there.

The other thing I want to say about the building, it's still beautiful and holds a personality. Here are some of the pictures from Nopeming. As you can see, it looks haunted.