One Day At A Time by Joe Walsh-Rayman’s Trac Two
Joe Walsh was born in one of my old stomping grounds, Wichita Kansas. I'm sure you've heard of Joe when he played with the James Gang. He also played with the Eagles, in fact he made his debut on Hotel California which is as good a place as any to start right?
Elvis Week Spotlight, August 14th, 1956, And 1958
As Elvis Week continues, we must remember that the first couple of years Elvis was loved by many, but also disliked by many. Many males disliked Elvis for no other reason than their girlfriends or wives loved him. There were also some in government, state and local that thought he was promoting a ba…
Century-Tel Internet Down Statewide In Wisconsin
If you live in Wisconsin and have Century-Tel as your internet provider, no need to check your computer or modem, it's fine. The problem is with Century-Tel. My Century-Tel service representative told me service would not be up until "sometime tomorrow...
Pugs, Rayman’s Best Buddies
We have Pugs in our home, three to be exact. Baby was our first, then came  Ozzie (the crazy one), and Dolly, Ozzie's sister. They very protective, a little stubborn, and need to be with one of us all the time. It's funny, they can hear a leaf fall outside the house, but fall asleep when I'm blastin…
Beverly McClellan Stops By Rayman’s Show On Kool 101.7
Beverly McClellan stopped by my show Friday, on her way to the 24th Annual Bayfront Blues Festival. Beverly gave me a great interview (hope you heard it live), and after the interview decided she'd sing a little, and we captured it on video for you.
The Strongest Coffee In The World
I can go without a lot of things, but one thing is must have daily is my coffee. I'm one of those that can enjoy a cup of hot coffee on a 90 degree day while sitting on my deck.  Trying a stronger coffee is always an interesting experience, but can you imagine trying the strongest coffee …

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