My Sweet Lord, George Harrison, Rayman’s Song Of The Day [VIDEO]
The Concerts For Bangladesh took place on this day in 1971. Organized by George Harrison and his friend Ravi Shankar, it drew 40,000 fans at Madison Square Garden. The concerts were organized to raise awareness and fund relief efforts in Bangladesh following  the Bangladesh Atrocities ( war and…
Miss You, Mick Jagger, Rayman’s Song Of The Day
I've loved Jagger since the first time I saw him on the tube. Over the years he's developed into a one of a kind, totally unique figure in rock n roll as well as life. No doubt he's the mastermind behind the stones, as well as the money man (a very astute businessman), and everything …
Do You Remember Your First Computer?
When I think of the number of computers I've had in the past, and the money I spent for them, it's mind boggling. I suppose they're in a junkyard somewhere or maybe computer heaven if there is such a place.  I well remember my first real computer..do you?
House Of The Rising Sun, Animals, Rayman’s Song Of The Day
On this day back in 1996 Chas Chandler, one of the original Animals, died of a heart attack. Who could forget the chilling, almost haunting keyboard solo in that song? From Rayman's College of R&R Knowledge... Chas Chandler tipped off a certain record exec. to...
Cornucopia Wisconsin’s Giant Sludge Removal Effort
The flooding here in the Northland has not only caused problems for us but also other communities. Mrs. Rayman was in Cornucopia WI. yesterday enjoying a day away from yours truly with her sister Maureen, when they noticed a barge in the harbor.
KOOL 101.7’s Rayman Announces Big News [VIDEO]
Rayman has an exciting announcement he wanted to share with all of you, his loyal listeners! He took a little time out of his afternoon to film a short video to share the big news.  Check out his announcement and leave your comments in the comment box below...
Poll: How Often Do Married Men (and women) Cheat On Business Trips?
Rayman spent over twenty years on the road. Whenever I had an evil thought, to avoid temptation, I would go to the nearest church. I spent a lot of time in churches I'll tell ya.
In the wake of the arrests of two prominent, married businessmen for alleged sexual assaults of hotel housekeepers, Newsw…
Weird Ice Cream Flavors
I'm not a big ice cream lover although once in awhile I get the urge. I stick to the basics, chocolate, peppermint, strawberry.  I have been known to throw all caution to the wind and order a banana split, however it must come with three cherries on top. Oh Rayman, you wild and crazy guy!

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