As Elvis Week continues, we must remember that the first couple of years Elvis was loved by many, but also disliked by many. Many males disliked Elvis for no other reason than their girlfriends or wives loved him. There were also some in government, state and local that thought he was promoting a bad image. Some in television and newspaper joked and laughed about him, as well as this new thing called rock and roll. In later years, Elvis proved their fears and accusations wrong however.

The month of August was always a difficult month for Elvis, primarily because of the death of his Mother. Up until his death, Elvis had a terrible fear of dying  the same  way as his mother did. He was not totally wrong, as he died at almost the same age, basically of the same thing, on almost the same day.

On this day in 1956: Washington DC disc jockey Bob Rickman forms the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Elvis Presley after reading too many news articles that make him out to be a hick and/or a threat to society.


On this day in 1958: At approximately 3:00 am, Gladys Presley, mother of Elvis, dies at age 46 from a heart attack brought on by hepatitis. His father, Vernon, calls Elvis immediately and he rushes to her bedside, wailing loudly and praying over her lifeless body. Elvis refuses an autopsy. Gladys' body is transported to Graceland and will lie in state there for two days, with her son simply staring at her, until Vernon insists she be buried.