Beverly McClellan stopped by my show Friday, on her way to the 24th Annual Bayfront Blues Festival. Beverly gave me a great interview (hope you heard it live), and after the interview decided she'd sing a little, and we captured it on video for you. Afterward, we talked music, and I mentioned to her one of my favorite songs was "Touch The Hem Of His Garment", an old gospel song. She told me hers was "Wildwood Flower". I told her I saw Mother Maybelle Carter play that song years ago, and turns out Beverly sang with Mother Maybelle when she was just a kid.

I asked her to play a few bars,  she replied, "Oh heck, ain't played that song for years, don't know if I remember how." She then proceeded to play the entire song perfectly. That's Beverly.

Beverly sings her favorite cut "I Can't Hide" off her CD "Fear Nothing". Enjoy..