It's a good year for apples in Bayfield Wisconsin, and the season is early this year! If you've never gone, you may want to try it this year. It can actually save you money in the long run, and the difference in taste is unbelievable. I've included different types of apples available to you. Enjoy!

  • Cortland -A cross between a McIntosh and Ben Davis. Available mid to late September. Thin skin with rosy red blush; very white crisp flesh, slow to brown, flavor very similar to McIntosh only is a much better keeper. Great eating; excellent in pies and sauce.
  • Gala - Developed in New Zealand. A cross between a Kidd's Orange Red and Golden Delicious. Available mid September. Thin skin with orange-red blush on yellow; firm, crisp, juicy and sweet. Excellent for eating and salads.
  • Jonafree - Available October. Bright red skin fully or nearly fully colored. Flavor is Jonathan like only less acidic, crisp and juicy, sweet-tart with a spicy fragrance. Great for eating, pies and sauces.
  • Liberty - A Macoun-Purdue cross. Available October. Deep red; white flesh, juicy sweet-tart and aromatic. Great eating; good for sauce and pies.
  • Red Free - Available mid August. Deep red blush with white specs; very crisp and juicy. Good all purpose apple: eating, baking, and sauce.
  • Zestar - Avialable late August to early September. Sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of maple sugar flavor. Juicy, crisp with good storage capabilities. Excellent for eating, pies and sauces.
  • Sweet 16 - Available late September. Highly prized, customer favorite. Uniquely flavored, sweet, juicy, crisp apple with good storage qualities. Excellent for eating, pies and sauces.
  • Honeycrisp - Available late September. Mottled red blush over yellow/green/ complex sweet/tart flavor. An excellent eating apple; good for sauce, baking and pies.