Once upon a time I was a young man and didn't go to college. I was looking at my options, I could move to Nashville and try and be in the music business. I could move to Minneapolis and maybe go to school for radio, or try to break in by working weekends.

Or there was one more option, to fly to Alaska and work on the crab boats or fishing boats. I had talked to guys I knew that did it, and all they would say is that it's hard work. Be prepared for hard work and no sleep. That didn't deter me at all, I wasn't afraid of hard work, I was young, and I was in good shape. It would be an adventure, I told myself.

I also heard you could make quick money. I hear about guys making 20-40 grand just for one trip on the boat. I thought, I could work for a year and build up 100 grand and put it away and live on it while I do what I want to, or pay for school.

I went on a trip that summer to visit friends of mine that were in Nashville already and loved the city and made some connections, and decided to ditch the crab boat dream and just go head first into the music business.

After watching "Deadliest Catch" on tv, I'm so glad I didn't go and become a crab fisherman. Those guys work hard, but I am a clutz and I would have hurt myself or worse yet, hurt someone else.

I may not have made a splash in the music business, but I am happy with the try.

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