All the country stars are stepping up and I have had some people ask how they can help the people who have been displaced or hurt by the tornados.

The best way I think is to buy an "I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE" T-shirt. The reason I recommend it is because right now they are giving all the proceeds to the victims and you also get a shirt in return and can wear it and call attention to the people that need help right now.

I am passionate about this shirt because I used to live in Nashville and think it is very close to living in the Twin Ports. Nice people, great landscape, and clean city. It's also near the water just like the Twin Ports. It's also just minutes away from somewhere beautiful that you can escape the city living and just be in touch with nature. I still have many friends that live down there, so far I have heard most are safe but a few of them I have not been able to contact.

The T-shirts look like the one below and you can order them by clicking here. There are more styles than just the one shown.

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