It happens all the time with music, someone comes along to push the envelope, am I becoming too old to get it?

I find myself every year saying something about how I can't understand the lyrics or those kids have their radio too loud. That I can hear their music through my walls when they drive past.

Remember when just wearing your bra, coloring your hair, ripping your clothes, wearing a leather jacket, or gyrating your hips was considered to be naughty? I feel like an old man when I remember how I heard it from the adults. I think I have changed with the times. My friends call me a 12-year-old girl because I like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

Watching the Super Bowl Halftime show and hearing the backlash of people later talking about how times have changed. I wondered if I wasn't offended because I was a guy? Or if the performances and costumes over the past few years have desensitized me. I know there was a big stink made last year too when Maroon 5 took off their shirts.

Each decade pushes the line a little, think about it. There was Elvis, KISS, The Beatles, Madonna, Duran Duran, Led Zepplin, The Who, Jane Child (look her up), Wendy O Williams (she wore electric tape over her girl parts) Brittany Spears, Nirvana......the list goes on.

I think people need to get noticed and do something different, and instead of getting more creative, they just do something to shock. I think standards have changed so before too long someone will be naked and perform.

So am I becoming an old man? NO!

Now get off of my lawn and pull up your pants!!

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