Chris Allen

Reading a Classic
Here at KOOL 101.7, we love being your Home for the Holidays! We got in the spirit this year by taking a seat by the fireplace and Christmas tree to read the classic tale "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Cozy up under a blanket, and enjoy!
Chris's Selfie Photo Shoot
I started a little album on my facebook page called Chris Allen and You, it was an album of pictures of me and another person taken while I was out broadcasting or hosting. Then it changed into everyone getting a selfie with me. So, people started coming up to me and asking for a selfie, then this h…
KOOL Staff Get 'Peanutized'
Anticipation is growing for the first major Peanuts feature in years, with Charlie Brown and the gang heading to the big screen on November 6. As part of that excitement, a website called Peanutize Me is giving people the chance to make their own character. We decided to do it too!

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