Sears Holdings has announced two different rounds of store closures for their Kmart and Sears stores - with a total of 150 stores to shut their doors prior to the end of March.  Most of the stores have already started clearance sales to liquidate their inventory.

The closures come on the heels of similar announcements over the last few year - all in an effort to shore up the finances of the parent company.  Local shoppers are all too familiar with the process as Duluth and Superior each lost a Kmart location.  Sears Holdings still operates a Kmart in West Duluth and a Sears store in the Duluth Miller Hill Mall.  Shoppers can also find a Sears Hometown Store in the Superior Mariner Mall.

The good news for Twin Ports shoppers is that none of those stores are included on the list. The list of closures does include some Minnesota and Wisconsin stores though.  The Kmart in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and in Platteville and Racine, Wisconsin are on the list - along with the Sears in Coon Rapids and Mankato, Minnesota.

Here is a link to the complete list.


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