You nominated.  You voted.  And now, we have the results!  You told us who you think is the Best Bartender in Superior!

First off, thanks to everyone for your votes and participation in our survey.  We had thousands of votes come in over the last few weeks of December and it took our crack staff a while to tabulate them all.  While there were a lot of different names nominated to be in the running, a grouping of names quickly surfaced to the top to compile the Top Five.

Here is the Top Five names in our survey, listed in reverse order from  the votes they received.  At the bottom of the list is our winner - the Best Bartender in Superior.

  • 5th Place:  Cam S - Shorty's.  Cam received 8.96% of the total votes entered.
  • 4th Place:  Raya M - Shorty's.  Participants in the survey gave Raya 10.17% of the total votes.
  • 3rd Place:  Angie S - Birds Bar.  Voters made sure that Angie received 15.13% of the vote totals.
  • 2nd Place:  Kellie B - Spirit Room/Tower Avenue Tavern.  Kellie rounded up second place in our survey with 30.98% of the total votes.

And the Best Bartender in Superior goes to....

  • 1st Place:  Emily A - The Flame.  The votes between first and second place were pretty close - but Emily ended up getting 34.77% of the votes.  Congratulations!



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