Those who know me are (rightfully) surprised that I even know who Mariah Carey is; Truthfully, I probably couldn't name one of her songs.  But I am aware of her much-talked about New Years Eve performance - in which she had trouble with her earpiece - live on stage, in front of millions of people watching worldwide.

In the aftermath of Saturday nights performance it seems like everyone has been quick to call Mariah Cary out for her actions.  Perhaps she's an easy target because of her diva-like reputation.  Viewers, fans, even fellow celebrities have chided the artist for her very-public problems.

That's why I was surprised to see support for her performance and her actions come from an unlikely source:  Marie Osmond.  Yes, that Marie Osmond - the 70's teen-pop singer who transformed herself into TV star, country music singer, and finally pitch person for everything from dolls to weight control products.  In an interview with Access Hollywood that was related in Billboard Magazine, Osmond stood up for Mariah Carey - championing her for not walking off stage and suggesting that singing when you can't hear yourself (like with a troubled earpiece) is difficult to say the least.

After reading Marie's comments, I have to say that I agree with her points.  Even if Mariah Carey is the worlds biggest diva (and from what I read she's working on it), she still should command respect for even trying to make it through.

What are your thoughts about the performance?

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