What is the perfect man? Some women believe it has to do with the way he treats her. Some women think it's looks, money, and stature. Some women think it's Aaron Rodgers. All of them are wrong. Experts say, and by experts I mean women say, the "Perfect Man" does not exist.According to the Daily Mail, 2,000 women were polled and they said every man has his failings and that in order to live a good life with their man, they had to ignore something their man does that annoys them, in order to live in harmony.

Some of the things women said in the study that was a game changer, leaving clothes on the floor. snoring, leaving the toilet dirty, leaving clippings, too much of a momma's boy, and not making an effort to get along with her family.

What will women put up with? Leaving the bathroom door open, inability to multi-task, watching too much sports, and criticizing their driving.

So, what do women think makes the perfect man? Sense of humor, good personality, money, and good looks.

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