The KOOL Schwamee says this year is going to be a big joke at the annual Pro Bowl for the NFL.

Normally, it's a high scoring game because no one wants to get hurt, so the lineman allows everything and the defense don't press so guys like Drew Brees can just let it fly. The NFC usually puts together a good team, this year many GB Packers and Minnesota Vikings are on the team.

That Reminds me CJ Ham will be on the Pro Bowl Team since the guy voted onto the team is in the Super Bowl the week after. Not that CJ doesn't deserve it. He is having the best year of his professional career. He also was the lead blocker for one of the best running backs in the game, Delvin Cook.

So, the KOOL Schwamee says AFC will beat the NFC, here's his prediction

AFC 16-NFC 10

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