There are many stories behind this team, and I have always said the team with the better storyline wins the game.

This year there are a couple that is on the side of the Kansas City Cheifs. The team hasn't been to the Super Bowl for 50 years. The other storyline, Coach Andy Reid has the most wins in history without a Super Bowl Win. This is his year!!

The KOOL Schwamee says it will be a battle of defense, he thinks the game will end KC 16 over SF 10. I say it's a High Score. KC 34 to SF 30. The defense will play a role in the game but it will be Patrick Mahomes that will win the game.

Both of these Quarterbacks are going to be the stars. The team that can get out ahead and gets the deep ball out will be the champion. So, the storyline is with the Chiefs.

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