I've always said both on the air and in my posts, that I've got the best neighbors on the planet. I think this story will prove it. Let me introduce you to Steve and Jane Sherner of Lake Nebagamon.

Steve and Jane heard of the terrible living conditions and poverty in Haiti through through their church and COFHED. Shocked at what they found out, they decided to take a trip to Haiti and see for themselves. They found the water was unfit to drink, deplorable living conditions, very little food, and no clothes or shoes for the children among other things.

Steve immediately started working on projects to improve the water situation, and Jane went to work collecting shoes and boots for the children. While both projects were successful, there is so much more to be done.. In Jane's case, the need for shoes is almost insurmountable. Through social media, and Jane's efforts, folks in Lake Nebagamon and surrounding area have been generous in their donations, however, the need was far greater than we could handle ourselves. The Duluth Rotary Club heard of their efforts, and generously contributed financially to help fund  trips to Haiti to deliver shoes. Prior to that, Steve and Jane paid all expenses themselves.

Steve and Jane Sherner are going to Haiti again in February, and are in need of more shoes and boots for the children.Specifically, children's black sneakers, or black dress shoes sizes 2 through 9. If your kids have outgrown their shoes, the children in Haiti could use put them to good use.The demand is greater than the supply for sure.

One thing I admire so much about the Steve and Jane is the fact that they take the shoes directly to the children and hand them out. They pack them in suitcases, take them to Haiti, and give them directly to the needy children in Lougou, Haiti , thereby eliminating the red tape and delays typical in some foreign countries.

If you can help, shoes and boots from toddlers to teens are urgently needed. To donate, or for more information please email Jane at  jscherner@centurytel.net andJane will get back to you, even if she's in Haiti. This is a great way to help those less fortunate, and I'll thank you in advance for your help.

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