For the past 62 years the St. Louis County Rescue Squad has been helping people in a variety of situations from car accidents to water rescues they are their ready to help. What many people may not realize is that the entire squad is made up of volunteers from all walks of life. My old neighbor was a retired Dr. and she was pivotal in helping out on many rescues.

When you think of the sheer land size of St. Louis County their is a ton of territory for them to cover for emergencies and they need lots of equipment.  Captain Rick Slatten said to WDIO "this weekend was a busy one. Rescue calls in the woods are up, water rescue calls are up, yes people are getting out and recreating. We were out all through Saturday, we had a search, we had a back country rescue, an ATV accident, a couple medical calls and a water emergency on White Face."

The St. Louis County Rescue squad relies on financial donations to survive and without the support of the public they would not be able to do their jobs. Right now their goal is to have an AED device in all of their vehicles and they are about halfway to their goal. According to the AED website they are used for " When a person suffers from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), an automated external defibrillator (AED) is the most important life-saving tool for first responders (whether professional medical personnel or lay-responders) to have. AEDs have become standard emergency medical equipment for professional and volunteer fire departments across the country, but more need to be obtained." If you are interested in helping with a donation click here.

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