The Salvation Army of Duluth is reaching out to the public for help as summer time brings with it more needs for many families in the Northland. Even though the pandemic is starting to wane many families are still struggling. And on top of that these families  struggle with extra pressure during the summer months with their kids being home from school.

So, the Salvation Army is reaching out to the public for help in collecting food and hygiene donations.  As an adult it would be so tragic to have to do with out the basics in life like food and hygiene products and for kids this is even more of a heartbreaking situation for so many families in the Northland.

Kristy Eckart, business administrator for the Duluth Salvation Army said to FOX21:

Christmas and the holidays, everybody is in a giving mood, and then that kind of winds down. We want to make sure families, especially children, are getting their proper nutritious meals.

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The Salvation Army is encouraging the public to organize food and hygiene drives in their neighborhoods and also people are welcome to drop off items in person at the Duluth Salvation Army Office at 27th Avenue West in Duluth. If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do that in person as well or by calling (218) 722-7934.

The food items they are looking for are non perishable food items and hygiene products in high demand are toothbrushes and toothpaste. Whatever you are able to donate will be such a welcome help for so many in our community right now and also through the year.

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