I love the paranormal, people know that about me by now. I love talking about it and I love learning about it. Before I was so open about it, people would come up and talk to me about hearing from their loved ones who have passed on. They would tell me stories of about moving things, or just something only they would get.

I'm reminded of a story that a girl I used to work with told me. She was sad that her father hadn't given her a message. They had told each other that when one of them dies they would have a signal and her Dad hadn't given the signal to her at all.

She went and got a tattoo in his honer. He had a tattoo of a rose, it was purple and it was for her. So, she was going to get a purple rose with his name on it. She was sad that they didn't have purple that day so they gave her a choice to come back and have it finished. She decided that she would get a red one, since it was her tattoo. When she went to show us her freshly inked tattoo, it was purple. She sobbed as she told us it was red. I told her, your Dad is speaking to you.

I think our loved ones do speak to us all the time, we just don't see it or hear it. .

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