This is a headline almost too crazy to believe: a woman from Wisconsin is being accused of drunk driving not once but twice in the very same day. Yes, really.

Even though we are just about a week into the new year, this isn't even the only crazy headline from 2022 so far. On Sunday, just the second day of the year, the Duluth Police Department responded to a report of a dangerous driver in the area.

Eventually, a 41-year-old man was arrested as the dangerous driver in question, having hit eleven cars and driving away from the scene that day. He has been charged for hitting those cars, along with other charges stemming from DWI.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the joy ride but it certainly makes you scratch your head wondering how someone could do that type of thing, like hitting eleven cars in one day without stopping.

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Now, there is another strange headline giving this one a run for its money. Local news outlets out of Wisconsin report that a 20-year-old woman had two run-ins with the cops in the same day and for the same reason. This all went down in Washington County.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office shared details on the strange and dangerous situation on their Facebook page on Friday (December 31st). At the time of writing, they said that while they don't always share detailed stories like this one, they feel there is a lesson to be learned from the story itself.

According to their post, it all started around 3 in the morning when a deputy noticed two vehicles "traveling unusually close together" on an interstate in the area. The deputy noticed that the first car was swerving, driving all different speeds and going on and off the shoulder. The other car was driving close to the other driver, which raised a red flag with the deputy.

To make matters worse, the deputy turned on its lights and tried to get behind the first driver, who was driving all over the road. The second car prevented this from happening by getting even closer to the first car and blocking the cop from pulling it over.

Eventually, both cars pulled over and the situation started to make sense: the second car was driven by a man who was following the first car, which was driven by his stepdaughter. He told the deputy that she was arrested earlier in the day for drunk driving and he had taken her back to her vehicle so she could drive home.

Here is the wildest part about the story: he was worried about his stepdaughter driving home safely and was trying to block the cop from pulling her over because he was worried she would get arrested for a second time.

As for the stepdaughter, who lives in Milwaukee, the Washington County Sheriff's Office says she failed a field sobriety test and was arrest for OWI with another one pending. Both she and her dad will face charges.

This story is absolutely wild and really sad. You don't need to hear it from me that drunk driving is wrong and dangerous and it is disappointing that the woman's stepdad would let her drive home knowing she probably couldn't drive safely.

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