Another headline about OWI's in Wisconsin almost too crazy to believe. A Wisconsin man arrested for OWI, his wife drives away, crashes and also gets a OWI.

Last week, we heard about a Wisconsin woman getting an OWI not once, but twice in the same day. If you thought that was a crazy headline, here's another one for ya. According to, while her husband was being arrested for OWI early Sunday morning (January 9th, 2022), a Wauzeka woman drove their vehicle away, crashed it and was arrested for OWI herself.

This happened in Grant County which is actually in a tri-state area with Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. The Grant County Sheriff's office were notified of a vehicle crashing into an utility pole in the small Wisconsin town of Boscobel.

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The Boscobel officer stated he was processing an OWI arrest and that he believed the driver who had crashed into the pole had been the passenger of the person he was arresting for OWI. So both the husband and the wife ended up being arrested for OWI.

The vehicle was towed away due to disabling damage and luckily no one was injured. Nothing like a phone call: "Hey dear, can you come pick me up and then also have someone pick you up". In all seriousness though, please don't drink and drive. If you do drink, please set up a sober ride, always.

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