The Barron County Sheriff's Office posted a message to it's Facebook followers early on Saturday morning, October 23rd. In the message, they remind people that the ice is not ready yet. Which, for any person with any type of sense should already know. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for a person who got an OWI on Friday night.

Barron County is located in Northwest Wisconsin. It was the third driving under the influence arrest made on that night. The message was a little tongue in cheek, starting with "Where do we even begin?"

Lakes haven't even begun to freeze. Was this person actually so intoxicated they thought there was ice out there? It's been a near record breaking warm fall in the area. Some regions have had the warmest October in over 125 years. We've just had our first frost in some areas in the last week, which is much later than normal.

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Did this person just get lost? I just can't believe someone would actually be even considering ice fishing. Perhaps they were transporting the trailer and got lost? Maybe took a wrong turn? Then again, if someone is that drunk I could see it happening.

Typically, ice conditions in the area are not ready for vehicles until late December to mid January. Always be sure to check the ice first. Remember, no ice is ever completely safe ice. Every single year we have multiple cars and trucks going through lakes when ice is too thin. This one, might just set the record though for stupidity.

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