Why Are They Working On Belknap Street Again?
"I thought that was done"? "Are they supposed to be there?" "Why are they digging up Belknap Street again"? These were the questions from a lot of people on social media over the last day or so as orange cones and work crews ascended on Belknap Street in Superior and …
Dog Poisoning Cases Hit Northern Wisconsin
At the end of last winter, authorities on the Minnesota-side of the St. Louis River were battling a rash of dog poisoning cases that has so far gone unsolved - at least at this point.  This year, it appears to be northern Wisconsin's turn...
Blatnik Bridge Replacement To Happen In 2028
After first being discussed about two years ago, officials with Minnesota Department of Transportation have added the replacement of the Blatnik Bridge into their ten-year plan - focusing a completed-by date of 2028 at an estimated cost of $460 million dollars.

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