So many things have come to light over the past few years in regards to the supernatural. Will we start to learn more about Bigfoot next?

Back in May of last year, the Pentagon confirmed the existence of something more. You can call this a UFO or an unidentified aerial phenomenon but just the fact that the government acknowledged this was big and pretty surreal. This would only happen in a year like 2020.

The month prior, unusual video was captured by the International Space Station. Something unusual was caught flying by the camera and the feed cut out. Was this a coincidence or planned? We may never know but it is wild that something like this made headlines.

More recently, in late September of this year, a video captured some apparent UFO activity around a plane landing at the Detroit airport. These are just a few examples of many strange things that have happened in regards to the supernatural over the past few years.

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In terms of Bigfoot, we haven't heard much. Maybe it is because UFO activity is hogging all the headlines or maybe because he is more elusive, if you believe in Bigfoot. I wanted to know if the creature had been sighted lately and I got my answer.

I went to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to see about any recent sightings. The website is operated by a Bigfoot enthusiast who tracks and follows up on Bigfoot sightings across the country and beyond.

While there hasn't been any Bigfoot sightings in Minnesota this year, there has been a recent sighting in Wisconsin. According to the report, the sighting happened over the summer on July 18th. A local named Jackson reported it.

It all went down in Washington County, which is near the Milwaukee area. It happened at around 8:30 p.m. on a road described as "very wooded" and winding down into a valley.

So what exactly was spotted? The report says a "two legged large figure covered in fur" was standing on the side of the road next to a tree. The creature had large eyes and shined when the headlights hit them. The whole sighting lasted just a few seconds.

Jackson's dad spoke to the website operator and said that he went back to the spot where Bigfoot was sighted and brought the dog. The dog wouldn't get any closer to the sight and whimpered.

Wow! The fact that they went back to the scene shows that it was a pretty convincing sighting. There weren't any Bigfoot sightings in Wisconsin in 2020.

In late August, it appeared that Bigfoot was caught on a trail camera in St. Cloud. However, after some research, it appeared to be fake. Someone dressed up as Bigfoot and tried to get caught on the camera. The only problem is that they turned their back to the camera, which showed that the person in question was wearing a costume. Sigh.

Perhaps the most convincing Bigfoot sighting ever happened a few years ago. It didn't happen in the Northland but instead, was caught on camera in Washington State. The photos caught on the trail camera were tweeted out and in them, you can see what appears to be a giant gorilla-looking figure walking across the snowy trails.

These photos had people on the internet going nuts when they first went out. The tweet was accompanied with a sarcastic and funny caption, which made some think that it was all a joke. However, there was no follow up.

What do you think - real or fake? I am going to go with real because why not. Ha!

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