Spooky season is about one month away and it's time to start preparing for it and all the fun things that pop up during this time of the year! One of those things is the 3rd Annual Minnesota Bigfoot Conference.

Bigfoot is a hot topic in the Northland and Minnesota in general. A few summers back, a northern Minnesota nurse was traveling when she says she spotted Bigfoot crossing the road in front of her vehicle! This happened near Ely.

This is one of many Bigfoot sightings and connections in the Northland. Recently, a video of a supposed Bigfoot sighting got my attention. It was filmed and put on the internet by a family in Northern Minnesota who was celebrating Christmas when they spotted something in the woods.

There are many that say it is a hoax but some believe it is real. It has millions of views on YouTube and counting. I think it looks a little bit suspicious myself but I really want it to be real because how cool would that be?

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If you are a believer or simply want to know more about the supernatural creature, you have a chance to attend the 3rd Annual Minnesota Bigfoot Conference. It is back for its third year this October.

The event takes place from Friday, October 7th through Sunday, October 9th. There is a packed schedule of events taking place in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The exact location is Timberlake Lodge Hotel & Restaurant at 144 Southeast 17th Street.

Ticket prices begin at fifteen bucks and go all the way up to $175 bucks depending on what type of tickets you purchase. The cheapest tickets are for kids who would like to attend, five years of age and up. General admission tickets are thirty bucks and there is also a VIP ticket you can purchase as well.

The VIP ticket will give you access to special events throughout the weekend event. The only way to get a VIP package for the weekend is to reach out to the organizers via their official Facebook page.

Friday Schedule Of Events

The entire conference kicks off at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, October 7th. You will be able to meet and greet with others attending the conference and the speakers on hand. If you have a VIP ticket, there will be more activities including a dinner with the guest speakers and a night hike.

Saturday Schedule Of Events

The event continues at 9 a.m. on the 8th with shopping at local vendor stands. The conference will start one hour later with speeches and presentations throughout the day, breaking for lunch.

Sunday Schedule Of Events

Sunday events are only for VIP ticket holders. There will be a breakfast question and answer segment with the guest speakers at 8 a.m.

In October, there is also a paranormal conference in Wisconsin. The free event will take place in Milwaukee and will focus on all things UFO. So many spooky events, so little time!

Famous People Who Believe In Bigfoot

There are some famous people who believe in Bigfoot. Some of them even claim to have seen sasquatch in person.

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