The 1980s gave us everything big. Big hair, big shoulders, big makeup, and big albums.

Some of the biggest albums and movies came out of the 80s. I got this list of top 80s artists from Top 40 Weekly. What they did was put everything the artist did into how they came to this list. Music, impact, videos, and influence.

I have to mention a few of the artists that were further down the list that had great videos and quite the impact. Pat Benatar, Duran Duran, Loverboy, Ozzy Osbourne, and The Go-Gos. Each of those artists had an impact. Pat put women on the hard rock scene and gave them a voice. Duran Duran, looked good, dressed good, made awesome videos and wrote good music. Loverboy made a name for Canadian rockers, up until that time it was only Rush and hockey that came out of their country. Ozzy, well, he made a name for himself after leaving Black Sabbath and was constantly in the news. The Go-Gos were the first all girl group to be huge. The Runaways were out first but never made the name for themselves that the Go-Gos did.

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Here are the 20 biggest artists of the Decade.

Top 20 Artists of the 1980s

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