Ok so there aren't really any St. Patricks 80s songs, but KOOL is going to fill the whole weekend with 80s music.

Starting at 2 pm Friday, KOOL 101.7 is going to reach deep into the Pot 'O' Gold, and pull out great 80s songs and play them all weekend long.

The 80s are their own type of decade when music and artists started to splinter. The 80s saw Eddie Van Halen, a guitar player, have a number one hit with "Jump" a keyboard driven song.

It was a decade of overindulgence. When people wanted everything and paid for it with credit in order to have it. When an actor was President of the United States. Clothing was becoming an accessory, you had to have an image, even if you weren't an artist.

Michael Jackson showed off the moonwalk, and Prince partied like it was 1999. He also set a record for having the number one song, number one album, and the number one movie.

KISS took off their make up, and you had to have a keyboard player in the band if you were going to have a hit.

KOOL 101.7 presents, an all 80s weekend.

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